Shipping & Returns

Processing Time: 1 - 2 business days
Shipping Time:2 - 5 business days
Estimated Delivery:5 - 10 business days

As an online retailer, we understand our obligation in deterring fraudulent purchases and unauthorized transactions. As part of our commitment to improve the safety of online transactions, we may need to confirm your details. We have set necessary SHIPPING GUIDELINES in place. We appreciate your understanding:

We generally require our customers to ship to the billing address of the card used to complete the purchase.

If you're shipping to an address other than the billing address, a customer service representative must and will contact the Cardholder to verify the order's legitimacy.
NOTE: This may extend our standard order processing time, especially if we're not able to immediately reach the cardholder.
In addition, reserves the right to cancel the order at its sole discretion. holds no responsibility for an order that is delayed because the billing and shipping address do not match.
Helpful tips to keep your order from being delayed
It's always best to have your order shipped to the billing address of the card used for the purchase. But if you can't, these tips can help your order from being delayed:

   1.Add the shipping address to your card's account. Most credit card and banking companies allow you to add shipping addresses to your account. Don't worry, this isn't the same as changing your billing address, and the shipping addresses can never be used to access your account information. Adding a shipping address to your account simply links the address to your card, so that if and when you place orders online, the merchant knows the account holder is familiar with the shipping address and it is less likely to be a fraudulent order.
To add a shipping address to your account, simply call the number on the back of your credit or debit card and inform a representative that you would like to add a Shipping Address to your account.

   2.Provide a phone number which easily puts us in contact with the cardholder. If the billing and shipping address for an order do not match, we need to get in contact with the cardholder. Providing a phone number where we can easily reach the cardholder will prevent the order from being unnecessarily delayed.

   3.Regularly check your email until your order has shipped. If we're unable to contact the cardholder by phone, we usually try to verify the order via email. We also use email to notify you of any certain exceptions that may occur, such as a delay caused by a circumstance out of our control.

We regularly make exceptions regarding our matching Billing & Shipping address rule for the following:
1.Military personnel who have access to a Military (.MIL) email account.
2.College students who have access to an email address issued by a major educational institution (an email address that ends .EDU).

We understand that if you're in the Military, you probably relocate more than average. And if you're in college, you probably don't live at home. To verify your enrollment, we will ask you to compose an email from your work (.MIL) or student (.EDU) email address. Additional information is sometimes required.

Here's how "street addressing" with USPS p.o. boxes works. Instead of putting "P.O. Box 100" as the street address, box holders can now use the street address of the post office followed by the box number. For example, "1000 Main St #100", 1000 Main St being the street address of the post office where P.O. Box 100 is located. The USPS will deliver mail addressed in this manner to the p.o. box. Note: You must follow the USPS guidelines for "street addressing" or the item will be returned to the sender. For example, you cannot use "suite" or "apt" or "room" before the box number in the street address.