Alien Sex Fiend Long Sleeves

    Alien Sex Fiend

    Years Active
    1982 – present (40 years)

    Founded In
    London, England, United Kingdom

    Doc Milton
    Johnnie Ha Ha
    Matt Rowlands
    Mrs Fiend
    Nik Fiend
    Rat Fink
    Yaxi Highriser

    But that’s nothing compared with the manic nightmare that is Alien Sex Fiend… I doubt, in fact, that I’ve ever heard anything uglier in the name of music - a cult following seems assured” - Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, September 1982

    The mayhem that is Alien Sex Fiend, a goth band formed in London in 1982 with Nik Fiend and his spouse Mrs. Fiend as the driving force of the band. Alien Sex Fiend became one of the regular acts at the legendary Batcave club, which has become known as the home of many other goth bands. A very special "Batcave 30th Anniversary Show" in London on 1st December 2012, marked 30 years to the very day that Alien Sex Fiend played their first ever gig at the original Batcave club.

    The band's sound is always evolving - nightmarish drones, psychotic samples, throbbing synths, analogue drums and heavy guitar work all gouged and distorted with Nik Fiend's notorious thick cockney drawl growling over the top. A genuine edge of trippy insanity & excitement that's sickly euphoric.

    In 2017, the 3 CD Set Fiendology : 1982-2017 A.D. and Beyond : A 35 Year Trip Through Fiendish History was released to celebrate Alien Sex Fiend's 35th anniversary.

    Alien Sex Fiend - released their latest studio album - Possessed in November 2018.