Akimbo Long Sleeves


    There are several artists performing as Akimbo:

    1) Akimbo was a hardcore, punk and metal band from Seattle.
    2) Akimbo is industrial band from Czechia

    1) Akimbo was a long-lived band from Seattle, WA that effectively blends the styles of hardcore punk and classic rock.

    Forming in the 90's, Akimbo went for a more progressive/punk approach in their earlier efforts (as seen on their split 10'' with Teen Cthulhu, and the "Army Of Evil Robots…" 7'' EP) before "finding their sound" around 2002/03 with the release of "Elephantine" their sophomore full length. Akimbo has toured inside (and out) of the United States relentlessly for several years, and has built a cult fanbase across the globe.

    In 2005, they found a fan in Jello Biafra, owner of Alternative Tenctacles records, who signed them to his popular label. Their recent releases thrust them to the spotlight of the new rock movement.

    Akimbo broke up in 2012.

    Current Members:

    Jon Weisnewski - Bass & Vocals
    Nat Damm - Drums
    Aaron Walters - Guitar

    Former Members:

    Jared Burke Eglington (2000-2006)

    Dustin Brown (2002-2003)

    Kyle Iman (1998-2000)

    Stacy Schrag (USA Tour 2006)

    Patrick Cunningham (Sept 2004-Oct 2005)

    Demian Johnston (USA Tour 2003)

    Chuck Rowell (USA Tour 2002)

    ???? - Split 10'' with Teen Cthulhu
    1999 - Army Of Evil Robots Programmed For Human Destruction 7'' EP
    2001 - Harshing Your Mellow
    2003 - Elephantine
    2004 - City Of The Stars
    2006 - Forging Steel And Laying Stone
    2007 - Navigating The Bronze
    2008 - Jersey Shores
    2012 - Live To Crush