Aeon Long Sleeves


    There are multiple artists of the same name:

    1) Aeon is a death metal band that formed in Östersund, Sweden in 1999 by vocalist Tommy Dahlström, guitarist Sebastian Nilsson, bassist Johan Hjelm and drummer Arttu Malkki of the newly broken up band Defaced Creation, in order to proceed with a more modern style of death metal.

    2) AEON was founded on spring 1996 in Kuopio, Finland mainly from old members of trash/death band Messiah Paratroops. Evolving from 1996 death/funk/grunge experiment into a tight grinding metal machine of the 2000, AEON takes no survivors as the transformation is complete. After that band was disbanded.

    3) Aeon (The Aeon) from the UK is Lachlan Mackenzie, hailing originally from Australia, now resident in Nottingham, UK. His first release, Orthodoxy (2006 - Relativity Records) follows in the footsteps of Scorb and Deviant Species with intelligent, chunky, danceable Psy.

    4) Aeon (The Aeon) is a progressive death meta from Pula in Croatia was formed in 1989. Keyboards can be heard very often in their songs. They released one promo album "Ephemeral" in 1996. The band split up in 1997.

    5) Aeon (Aeon aka Aeon Got Beats) is an African-American producer/emcee from Philadelphia, USA]. Still early in his professional career, he has worked with artists such as Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Raw Poetic from the rap group Panacea, and is in the process of completing work on EPs for Choklate and DC rap talent Emoni Fela. He has also contributed production to mixtapes for DJ Jamad & Amanda Diva.

    6) Aeon (The Aeon) from Denmark is a rapper from Næstved, Denmark. He spits raw and honest lyrics, and you can easily tell, that it's not just plain bullshit but that his harsh childhood has made him who he is. Let his music speak!

    7) Aeon (The Aeon) from Mexico is a underground EBM / Electro band.

    8) Aeon (The Aeon) from Poland is a experimental black metal band from Olztyn.

    9) Aeon from Lake Stevens, WA up and coming hip-hop artist representing the Northwest/425